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Proven Gold Project - Meekatharra


Summary & Recommendations

The Prospecting Licences P51/3284 is located in the very prospective ‘Meekatharra Greenstone Belt’ and very close to two mining leases immediately to the north which are located on the major gold bearing shear zone. The lease contains a substantial amount of greenstone and banded iron formation, and also has two large NE cross-cutting shear zones that also have the ‘Bakers’ gold deposit located on it immediately to the east. 

The site reconnaissance field visit confirms the presence of highly mineralised mullock that has come out of the shaft that was photographed. Another 2 shafts were visited and sampled which both returned highly anomalous gold results. The reconnaissance photos above confirm what the geological maps and geophysical data suggest, and provide evidence that this area shows all the right indicators to host very favourable gold mineralisation potential. Greenstone belts that also intersect cross cutting faults and shears provide ideal conditions for mineralising gold bearing fluids to be emplaced into the bedrock; this lease area has the hallmarks for this to occur.

The Meekatharra Greenstone Belt located on this lease is the host of many reported gold discoveries, including many historical gold discoveries up and down the strike of this gold prospective rock and structural package –the ground holding is highly favourable for gold mineralisation.

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